Podiatric Surgery

Wisconsin Surgery Center offers specialized Podiatric services and procedures in Milwaukee, administered by physicians who are board certified by theAmerican Board of Surgery. Our subspecialties include Bunion and Hammer toe surgery, Arthroscopy, Ankle surgery, Achilles repair, Cyst removal, Flat foot correction, Foot Neuromas and more.

What is a Podiatrist?

A podiatrist is a physician who performs procedures of the foot and ankle.

Podiatry Treatment Doctors

  • Steven Czymbor, DPM
  • Randall Dei, DPM
  • Jeffrey Hall, DPM
  • Mark Hinze, DPM
  • Renee Settle-Robinson, DPM
  • Jeffrey Fischer, DPM
  • Lucinda Meier, DPM
  • Christopher Milkie, DPM
  • Ivelisse Vargas Jon, DPM
  • Elizabeth Vissat, DPM
  • Timothy Henke, DPM
  • Romey Patel, DPM
  • Michael Kokat, DPM

Contact Us

Wisconsin Surgery Center
3305 South 20TH Street
Suite 150
Milwaukee, WI 53215
Call: 414-384-2100
Fax: 414-384-2700
Map and Driving Directions

Wisconsin Surgery Center, located at 3305 South 20th Street, Suite 150, Milwaukee, WI 53215 is a technologically advanced surgery center for general surgery, gynecologic surgery, orthopedics and pain management procedures, among many others.
Call 414-384-2100 or fax to 414-384-2700.

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